2019-09-14 - Take Me Home Tonight

~20 mi @ ~15.7 min/mi

cap"And I ran the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Marathon route - backwards!" Sakurako reports on a recent trip as Roadkill leads a high-humidity sunrise ramble to coffee in Kensington. Then it's Rock Creek Trail to Connecticut Ave, pause at another busy Starbucks in Chevy Chase for a pink drink, and proceed south to meet Danger Man. Hilly Leland St brings us to Bethesda, and then the Capital Crescent Trail to northwest DC. Vixen greets us as she zooms by. A path leads past the Dalecarlia water treatment plant.

"So where's the Historic Marker?" K2 shows us the first house she stayed in when she moved to DC for grad school three decades ago. Aromas of fresh bread and other delicacies drift from bakeries and kitchens along Yuma St NW. Beautiful impatiens form a waterfall of red-white-pink beside a front yard stairway. At a boundary stone on Western Avenue the crew stands behind bars.
"Take me home tonight!" The late Eddie Money's hit song resonates at noon when we reach to Danger Man's car and beg a ride from him. He kindly agrees, so we wrap ourselves in space blankets like TV dinners to protect the car.cap

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