2019-10-09 - Unconditional Assistance

~3.4 mi @ ~15.9 min/mi

"... amiability, friendliness, an expectation of shared attitudes (a proneness to easy 'mateship'), jocular toughness, good humour, and, above all, casual optimism ...", says linguist Anna Wierzbicka, of the archetypal Aussie style. Keymaster describes his comrade Liz's similar observations of runners. Huge virtues when training for a marathon, and perhaps at all other times in life?! Other characteristics, from Wikipedia on Mateship: "... shared experience, mutual respect, and unconditional assistance." Yes!

GPS mega-glitch adds two miles to the trackfile within Starbucks. Dawn Patrol meanders while musing about how birthdays are counted around the world in different societies, and how various parts of big organizations can be at war with one another. Happy Double Ten Eve!

(trackfile; cf No Worries, Mate (2012-11-24), ...) - ^z - 2019-10-21