2019-10-11 - Cute Kits

~5.2 mi @ ~12.7 min/mi

"Strong beliefs weakly held!" suggests Keymaster — decisiveness, subject to change in the face of new evidence. Dawn Patrol trots briskly on a brisk morning to the coffee shop, rambles back through Pimmit Hills, then gets completely disoriented within an apartment complex. Maybe we're circling a black hole and it's rotating our coordinate system? Sunrise shifts to the southwest; the compass spins wildly; we're in a twisty maze of little cul-de-sac passages.

"Cute kits!" A ceramic family of faux foxes guards a garage. We find our way out of the maze and sprint back to work. Roadkill recommends Impro, a book on improvisational theatre by Keith Johnstone. "Just say 'Yes, and...' to everything!"

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-10-23