2019-10-12 -One Big Taper

~8.8 mi @ ~16 min/mi

"It's all one big taper!" says Griz. Meaning his preparation for imminent races? Or Life, writ large? K2 and Roadkill arrive at 6-dark-30 and survey the neighborhood, Starbucks blonde roast in hand. Bethesda Fine Arts Festival setup is underway in the street as we window-shop Anthropologie, then set off south-south-west with Ken & Griz. Shiny tanks of liquid nitrogen vent by Little Falls Trail, fog cascading into a ditch. Porquoi?

A side trail leads us out of the park and past Corps of Engineers facilities that process water for the District. GPS mega-glitches in the Dalecarlia Tunnel add a spurious 2.4 miles to the trackfile. Ken tells of a noir festival underway at the American Film Institute, and describes Roadside America, a huge indoor miniature village in Shartlesville PA. Super-cute dogs sit on command, tip heads toward their masters, and greet runners. A tiny terrier is excited to spy a chipmunk.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-10-27