2019-10-23 - Columbus Marathon Debrief

~2.6 mi @ ~19 min/mi

"Apparently, we've made a decision!" says Keymaster, as Dawn Patrol dithers and then chooses street over sidewalk at an ambiguous construction divider. A few seconds later, "Car back!" We dart through the fence to safety, and discuss Generative Adversarial Networks ("... the coolest idea in machine learning in the last twenty years ...") along with how to be both empathetic and empowering to those who are chronically ill.

Coffee in hand, we analyze Keymaster's first marathon, Columbus, held just a few days ago. It was a great experience despite twinges in the final miles and a depleted phone battery. Back at our start, however: "I've forgotten my clothes!" Hmmmm - perhaps worth memorializing via a new trail name, if it happens again?

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