2022-08-14 - MCRRC Grooving Woodstock 7k XC

~4.4 mi @ ~15 min/mi

Dew on the grass / Sun in the sky / Hills in the woods / Paisley tie-dye

Silly 60's humor sets the stage for Sunday morning at the Woodstock Equestrian Park. MCRRC's "Grooving' Woodstock" cross-country race mile 1 introduces Loretta Doan – who has run the JFK 50M and the Catoctin 50k, knows comrade Stephanie Fonda, and is training in hopes of doing a 100 miler some day! – and friendly Ainsley Gibson. Soon they speed ahead as walk breaks begin. All goes well, thanks to volunteers including friends Gayatri Datta and Bob Yarchoan.

Official result: 68th place of 78 finishers, 42/47 males, 4/4 male age 65-69, gun time 1:03:01.98, pace 14:30 min/mi (last year's time was 55:11)
MCRRC Grooving Woodstock XC

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-01