2022-08-27 - Locust Hill Estates and Kensington Parkrun

~3.9 mi @ ~19 min/mi

~3.1 mi @ ~11 min/mi

With 🦄 explore a new Bethesda neighborhood (Locust Hill Estates, bounded by the Capital Beltway, Rockville Pike, and Cedar Lane) and meet Yuma (a friendly 15 year old puppy!) twice as our path meanders. Then, at the Parkrun 5k #168, finish both last and first in the male 65-69 year age group, since comrade 🐻 had a recent birthday and graduated to the next cohort. Come in a few seconds behind fast-and-friendly Malynda Chizek Frouard, who pushes a twin stroller; official time 35:05 for 41st place (of 56 total finishers) – mostly jogging but with two major walk breaks in the warm and humid final mile. 🥵

(trackfile & trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-13