Recently I've become enchanted with an advertising slogan for my favorite brand of running shoes (one of the few not entirely made in slave-labor tyrannical countries ... but that's another issue). The shoebox says simply: ACHIEVE NEW BALANCE.

What a delightfully ambiguous mantra! Maybe it's merely the imperative verb "Achieve" (i.e., "Triumph" or "Just Do It"), followed by the corporate name. How dull.

But, as I much prefer, achieve new balance can also be parsed as a unified phrase --- an admonition to strive for fresh stability, wholeness, enlightenment, a recentering of one's self. Ahhhhh ....

In its multiple meanings the words achieve new balance remind me of the classic linguistic textbook example "fruit flies like a banana". They also bring to mind one of my favorite riddles: What did the Sage say to the hot dog vendor? The answer appears below, written right-to-left to avoid spoiling the fun. (Or see )

gnihtyreve htiw eno em ekaM

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