Dateline 1975 - The cassette machine is my new toy, but I can only borrow my friend's turntable for one night. So I go to the store in mid-afternoon and pick up a dozen blank tapes. At the library I check out all the phonograph records they'll let me have. Back in my dorm room I plug in the cables and start recording — Scarlatti, Telemann, Vivaldi. After midnight Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier flows into Beethoven's symphonies. I begin to doze off and awaken to the needle's kerchick-click at the center of the album. Pause tape, lift tone arm, flip disc, lower stylus, unpause tape ... back to sleep. Repeat.

Then — startle! Have I done this side already? How many times?

TopicPersonalHistory - TopicHumor - 2006-08-30

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