In a total lunar eclipse, somebody said, the Moon glows red, "like seeing all the sunsets of the world at one time." (and all the sunrises too!)

Other "totality effects"? All the particles in the universe are pulling on each other, gravitationally, all the time --- and that just might add up to the inertia that every object has (Mach's principle). Each person in the world has an individual scale of preferences, and in the marketplace all those separate utility functions converge to make supply and demand, determine prices, and allocate resources in a global economy. Mathematically pure sine waves at all possible frequencies, when superposed, create every sound, every image, every shape. Eons of reproductive competition, plus mutation and natural selection, give all the marvelous creatures of this Earth. And the totality of human thought and experience, shared via language and learning, create our civilization.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000 at 19:15:55 (EDT) = 2000-04-26


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