A few years ago (BookhouseBoy, 29 Sep 1999) in a fit of abcdarianism I referred to a younger ^z as "amiable, bookish, and clever", or at least so-perceived by his peers. Can the same game press farther through the alphabet? How about "distracted, eclectic, and forgetful"? Apt adjectives, particularly as I advance in age. Some major life-long goals include "generous, honest, and inventive", though I'm far from successful at those. "Irresponsible" is a better "i" word, as is "incorrigible".

But next, upon entering the exotic terrain of "j" and "k" my wit weakens: "joking, keen, and lazy" are by turns jejune and kinda lacking in bite. Maybe next October prolonged, quiet reflection shall turn up valid words ...

(see also ThanksFor (22 Nov 2001), ...)

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