Appliances All the Way Down

Today as part of continuing work on the house, RadRob and I moved a cabinet from the basement to the kitchen. On top of it as per Paulette's guidance we placed a mini-refrigerator, and on top of that a microwave. I suggested that perhaps we should put a toaster-oven on the microwave, and that a bread machine could conveniently go on top of the toaster-oven.

And that in turn brought to mind an ancient cosmological theory: that the Earth rides on the back of a gigantic elephant, which stands in turn upon a huge tortoise. What holds that creature up? Some say another tortoise, which stands upon another, and yet another, making an infinite regression.

My new model of the universe: It's appliances, all the way down! (^_^)

(cf. ManyWorldsDemystified (1999-10-24), ...) - ^z - 2008-01-19

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