A couple of decades ago then-colleague Dianne Q. Webb told me about her observation of then-and-now-again Apple Computer executive Steve Jobs. Dianne noted that Jobs in conversation seemed to focus laser-like on the person he was talking with, a deliberate attention that was somewhat disturbing. We speculated then that it might have some relationship to his studies of Eastern mysticism. Or perhaps it was a psychological ploy to gain an advantage, or a habit that had the positive result of enhanced understanding for the listener. The Dalai Lama, according to Jon Kabat-Zinn, likewise shows an intense concentration. Worth studying, or emulating, or avoiding, or at least being aware of?

(cf. Chuck Norris on Zen (2008-10-12), Mind Over Exercise (2008-10-22), Cultivation of Wisdom (2009-02-09), We Are the Pot (2009-08-13), Kundun (2010-03-31), ...) - ^z - 2010-11-28