Where do I look first when I get a new copy of The Numismatist, magazine of the American Numismatic Association? For several years now I've turned to "The Editor's Desk", a page five column by Editor-in-Chief Barbara J. Gregory. Like the 1950's era ANA Librarian Mrs. D. Dee De Nise, today's Ms. Gregory makes articles about even the most arcane area of coin-collecting sound fascinating, or at least worth reading. And her essays are graced every month with a new cheery photo of her smiling face.

Only once have I written a letter to Ms. Gregory: in August 2005, when an issue arrived with a rather mean-looking feline on that page. After words of praise for her work I observed in a postscript:

Note that I'm not complaining about the photo of your cat this month — but I don't think he would win many kitten wars for cuteness ... (^_^) ... maybe he wasn't in the mood to pose for the camera?!

Barb G. replied:

You're right ... Murphy did not want his picture taken. He's also not the sweet, cuddly type. We like to say he has "cattitude."

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