Bawdy Blind Spot

I'm often amazingly slow to catch on to certain jokes, particularly when some slight parsing of implicit naughtiness is required. Maybe that tells something about me, though precisely what I don't know. Recently, for example, it took me almost a full minute to start laughing and say, "Oh, I get it!" when I heard a rumored exchange with the famously-obese Winston Churchill. Supposedly someone told him, "Sir, if I saw a belly like yours on a woman, I would think she was pregnant." Sir Winston replied, "It was, and she is!"

And for another example of my naïveté consider the late actor Dudley Moore's remark in a 1983 Playboy magazine interview. (Yes, some of us used to read the articles.) It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out. On his relationship with 5'11" Susan Anton, 5'2" tall Sir Dudley commented, "I go up on Susan!"

(for other examples of my blockheadedness cf. Heavy Sleeper (2001-11-19), Off Week (2003-10-25), ...) - ^z - 2009-02-12