Sitzfleisch is another one of those inimitably useful German words. Literally it's "Sitting Meat". What it means is patience --- as associated with the gluteus maximus and surrounding padding that enables someone to perch on a hard chair for hours. In a chess context Sitzfleisch describes the kind of dogged analysis that a good player has to do in a complex position. (see LongThink (2002 April 9))

Unfortunately for me, although my recent running regime has perhaps helped improve mental fitness, the weight loss associated with exercise has sadly depleted my store of literal adipose Sitzfleisch. Perhaps I need to carry a pillow with me if I compete in chess tournaments again some day.

Not unrelated to Sitzfleisch is the phrase Bottom Power --- a West African English dialect term for that special feminine callipygian ability to sway male minds....

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