About three years ago, Bob Buckman (of Bulab Holdings) gave a talk about how his company operates. Buckman's mannerisms and delivery were low-key, but his content was striking. Some tidbits:

Bob Buckman's conclusion: culture is paramount. He estimated that "... ~90% of your effort is culture change ... ~5% is technology ... and ~5% is magic that comes out of the woodwork." He counseled that to succeed, "You must translate this into new voluntary behavior, or else it's just talk. ... You have to work out new procedures; you have to make it real. ... You need to protect pioneers who stick their necks out. ... Command and Control is a philosophy of management; to give it up seems to be giving up power ... but you surprisingly gain power [when you release the reins]. ... [People] need to have the freedom to contribute ... [you have to] make heroes out of those who do neat stuff ... give them opportunities ... things they don't expect to receive."

His final advice: "Start simply!"

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