Buddha Buddy

By analogy with "Battle Buddy", US Army fellow soldiers assigned to help colleagues (and reduce suicide in stressful times), how about Buddha Buddy — a spiritual-development friend-pair, each of whom encourages the other in awakening and mindfulness?

As per Samuel Johnson:

The greatest benefit which one friend can confer upon another, is to guard, and excite, and elevate his virtues.

and likewise Robert Nozick's observations:

... the benefit of being helped along by good examples and good companions ... the joy in encountering a like person, in the experience of the other and in the mutual recognition of the mutual joy ... The developed person will want to help perfect others; this is the most important aid he can give them. We want to find a way of living whereby our best energies and talents are poured out so as to speak to and improve the best energies and talents of others. We want to utilize our highest parts and energies in a way that helps others to flourish.

And as my Buddha Buddy suggests, one can shorten that to "Bud-Bud", or maybe just "BB"!

(cf. TAIL (2009-09-26) re "Medics receive battlemind training to help fellow Soldiers", ...) - ^z - 2014-05-19