A couple of years ago in a Library of Congress chamber music hall, David Buechner (now Sara Buechner) played the piano --- or, more precisely, Buechner's fingers floated over the ivories and music materialized, like a rabbit from a hat. The effortless mix of speed and precision was breathtaking; there were blitzkrieg passages in which 'e literally did not appear to touch the keyboard. In 1995 Buechner recorded Ferruccio Busoni's arrangement of the Goldberg Variations and other J. S. Bach works. The performance is likewise off-the-scale sleight-of-hand, combining subtle musical interpretation and jaw-dropping power. Awesome technique.

(see Connoisseur Society #CD4212, In Sync Labs, 2211 Broadway, NY, NY 10024)

Friday, October 27, 2000 at 05:56:08 (EDT) = 2000-10-27

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