Chaucer Doth Tweet

Kynde and gentil thoughtes on Twitter? "Chaucer Doth Tweet" is a rare example. On 13 May 2020:

Worrye nat about being productyve,
for thou art not a product.
Thou art a star daunsinge yn a forest,
and, to speake full plainlye,
stuffe ys reallye weirde righte nowe.
Whatevir ye dyd todaye ys ynough.

... and on 20 May 2020: "Vampyres are awesome by cause lyke ninetye percente of their poweres are avoidinge people and escapinge quicklye from awkwarde social situaciouns." Yes-yes-yes! And this poll on 23 May 2020:

Ye kan pick onlye three:
     * stayinge healthye
     * good werke lyfe
     * solid relaciounshippes
     * mightye and ancient,
           surrounded by a column of
           crowes yn the forest,
           readye for the great mysteryes

... so tough, once the obvious first choice of Crowes is made!

(cf Valentine's Day 2009 (2009-02-14), Great Vowel Shift (2009-02-18), ...) - ^z - 2020-05-23