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The pure science of medicine is often removed from the actual practice of medicine. I wonder if the researchers involved in pure science would be comfortable with the course of treatment doled out to the average patient
walking through the doctor's door. For instance, I read long and hard on ear infections. This is a big problem with little kids and my data, collected from hundreds of visits to local doctors on children of women in LLL (La
Leche League)suggests that close to 100% of ear infections in young children (I collected this data more than ten years ago, and I hope this has changed) are treated with antibiotics, yet, according to the data that
I have read in medical journals, close to 98% of ear infections which are cultured in young children are not bacterial. A high percentage are yeast inflammations which are aggravated if not caused by antibiotic therapy. Another piece of information that threw me is, again, related to LLL and young children; when electron microscopes were used to study the makeup of breast milk, huge numbers, I don't have the printed data anymore, of additional elements were found that had never been included in formula, although most medical doctors were and are completely comfortable encouraging women to give up breast feeding in favor of the inferior product.

What is the outcome of inferior infant food fed to an entire generation of
adults? Cancer? Heart disease? Chronic high blood pressure? Who knows? I wonder if pure science has ever correlated a population of equals who were and were not breasted in childhood. I know that many of the best Japanese preschools will not accept a child who was not long term breastfed. (Again, information is ten years old.) That population might be interesting to study beyond what is already known...low incidence of breast cancer, prostate cancer, few problems with menopause. Much of what I read indicates
that a diet high in soy is responsible for these better outcomes. Hmm.

Pure science is not available to the average consumer, perhaps because there is a breakdown in the information path between what is known in the lab and what is known in the doctor's office. The information that the doctor gets is often information given to him/her by the drug detailers, and again,
follow the money. I hold suspect information from any source that is going to financially benefit.

Can science ever completely understand anything? What is known completely? I am a life long skeptic which is defined, "that absolute knowledge cannot be attained"...or saying, I could be wrong. Don't get me
wrong, though, I applaud and deeply respect all who look and learn and study and utilize knowledge, and completely agree to beware of charlatans who promise what they cannot deliver. But, when it comes to
medical care, don't use a cannon when a flyswatter will do the job. -- Judy Decker