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Michele McLeod writes:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for allowing me to relive the race now that I am clear headed, my multi chambered blisters have subsided, and I am beginning to think about going for a run again.

To add to the tale, I saw you at the Wolf Run Shoals station and you efficiently moved through. I was trying to get my stomach to quiet down. When the aid station people were finally able to pry me out of the Marina station, I saw Angelo slowly and steadily moving ahead of me. I wish I had left with him for the company and shaved a few minutes of misery from my time.

I applaud all of us who faced the heat. It could have been worse, but that was bad enough. I am glad for the experience now, but I don't plan to make use of it for anything beyond a 10K for the foreseeable future.

See you on the trails,


-- MarkZimmermann 2008-04-20 01:59 UTC

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