Comments on HAT Run 2004


Mark sent me some comments and quotes from runners and non runners; after my 80 mile finish; I was pretty depressed today, and those quotes cheered me up more than anyone's comments about 'oh you did great,' and 'I could never run 10 miles, let alone 80,' mostly because Mark and those people of whom the quotes are from know and understand what it means to be out running or walking for 5 or more hours; they know what it means to finish or not finish. a big THANKS! - MW -


You capture the event so well, having been there and not all that far in front of you. Congratulations on completing your first 50K, and for breaking the "don't try anything new" rule. I did the trail marathon less than a month before and tried so many new things, and had a good time while doing so (that goes for food, drinks and techniques). There's something different about the trail events. Something different, and good. - CB -

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