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Rich saved me from myself and gave me the opportunity to meet my present wife of 26 years, when after my first wife divorced me and I was desperate not to keep 'dating' married women, faculty wives, wives who wanted threesomes, Hispanic women with suspicious, menacing brothers, and other maniacs with no real interests or achievements. He told me to try mountaineering, which worked. I miss him very badly. He was fun, but industrious. He wouldn't have hated me for taking him to "Rocky Horror Picture Show" like another of Kip's students did.

Jim Roberts
whose theory of gravitation has yet to be formulated and thus disproved

-- jimbat 2008-10-11 16:20 UTC

As for Galen Rowell's death, his wife, Barbara Cushman, the pilot, was a HS classmate of my wife's. She wrote a beautiful book, "Flying south" about their adventures around the Andes.

-- jimbat 2008-10-17 12:25 UTC

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