The latest must-have product from Dr. Z! Labs — from the folks who brought you the iPod-MINI-Cooper controller, Bäkn StripZ for ultramarathoners, advanced-genetically-engineered Corn Floss, the indispensible Mock Mack, and double-tasty Powr SpüngZ — yes, it's the newest invention to emerge from our underground caverns of creativity:

The CPAP Bong!

Are you a refugee from the '60s, aged into the Sleep Apnea zone but still a closet toker? Does enhanced Airport Security keep you from carrying your paraphernalia onboard like you used to? With our custom-designed CPAP Bong attachment, your Constant Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) medical device becomes an instant hookah — with totally-adjustable venturis for optimal psychedelic performance. This computerized hubbly-bubbly even lets you set the precise altitude you want to reach when you get high!

And by Federal Regulation, a CPAP Bong doesn't count against your carry-on baggage allowance. It's made of entirely natural components, assembled by happy indigeneous tribespersons on an island paradise the location of which we prefer not to reveal. And it's so affordable — why wait? Order yours now, and as a bonus Dr. Z! himself will issue you an official "prescription" to disarm any inspectors who get a little too curious when they spy your secret shisha.

You can pay for your CPAP Bong using eStash — the new Dr. Z! Labs system for web-weed commerce. Our operators are virtually standing by. Get yours today!

(cf. CornFloss (16 Jun 2001), MockMack (13 Jul 2001), PowerSponge (18 Sep 2003), BaconThighs (11 Mar 2004), IpodMiniCooperAccessory (6 Jul 2004), ...)

TopicHumor - 2006-07-29

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