Comrade CM's recent remarks on Perseverance remind me of a nelogism that stuck in my mind a few decades ago: cupcakable. The first usage I've been able to find is by Helen Gurley Brown, author of Sex and the Single Girl and editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. In a 1970 interview with Nora Ephron, Brown said:

You cannot sit around like a cupcake asking other people to come around and eat you up and discover your sweetness and charms. You've got to make yourself more cupcakable all the time so that you're a better cupcake to be gobbled up.

I suppose what that means is that, at least during the 1960s era, Brown thought women needed to use make-up, clothing, etc. to lure a man. But that doesn't matter! What counts is that it's a great example of a never-before-used wonderful word that's instantly understandable. Isn't language wonderful?

(... or maybe what counts is what it says about me and the things that stick in my mind?!) - ^z - 2009-02-21