Descent into Chess

From the July 1859 issue of Scientific American [1]:

DESCENT INTO CHESS—"A pernicious excitement to learn and play chess has spread all over the country, and numerous clubs for practicing this game have been formed in cities and villages. Why should we regret this? It may be asked. We answer, chess is a mere amusement of a very inferior character, which robs the mind of valuable time that might be devoted to nobler acquirements, while it affords no benefit whatever to the body. Chess has acquired a high reputation as being a means to discipline the mind, but persons engaged in sedentary occupations should never practice this cheerless game; they require out-door exercises—not this sort of mental gladiatorship."

(quoted by Ralph Kaminsky in the August 2009 issue of Chess Life; cf. CaissicMetaphors (2000-01-08), ChessChow (2001-09-26), Chess Is an Ocean (2008-10-29), ...) - ^z - 2009-09-03