A causal-shift joke, adapted from the version told by my son Robin Zimmermann, aka RadRob:

Three candidates are being interviewed for a job. As part of the examination the interviewer asks each, "If you were dropped into the middle of a desert, what one thing would you want to have with you?"

The first replies, "A jug of water."

"Why?" the interviewer asks.

"So that if I became thirsty, I could get a drink."

"Good answer. Next?"

The second says, "I would bring an umbrella."


"So that if the sun bothered me, I could have some shade."

"Good answer. Next?"

The final person says, "I would take a car door with me."

"That's unique. Why would you want to have a car door?"

"So that if it got too hot, I could roll the window down!"

TopicHumor - 2002-09-04

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