Earning Red Checks

Motivation is a challenge sometimes. In order to keep myself moving forward throughout the day I list the tasks to be done in my filoFax (DayTimer, notebook, etc.). When I finish one, I flag it as complete with a big red checkmark. Along with important meetings and hard missions I'll also include some tiny, easy actions — go to the credit union, email a sick friend, whatever. When done, they get checks that are as big and bright as the tough stuff. At the end of the day even if I haven't made much progress it's still psychologically rewarding to see at a glance all the Red Checks I've earned. And in a more serious vein, months later I can look back and generate a list of accomplishments. That helps my boss help me (and the team) sometimes when Higher Authority asks what we've been up to.

(cf. Carry On, TouchTheFlagpole, ...) - ^z - 2011-10-28