The Fall 2001 issue of Phi Beta Kappa's little newsletter (The Key Reporter) has a couple of timely items re learning. In an essay by Susan Howard:

I am struck by a recent cartoon --- for humor will always emerge from tragedy --- depicting U.S. diplomats speaking to members of the Taliban: "Give us Osama bin Laden or we'll send your girls to college!"

And in a short note on the Society's planned 225th anniversary celebration at Williamsburg, Virginia in December 2001:

The weekend's highlight will be at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, when a formal debate is staged in the House of Burgesses. Varsity debaters from William & Mary will confront an issue that the Society's founders discussed in the spring of 1777: "Whether a wise State hath any Interest nearer at Heart than the education of the Youth."

TopicSociety - 2001-12-01

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