Ementor Emantras

At work people who ask for one can be assigned a "mentor", somebody to be a friendly advisor in another part of the organization. Alas, although I mean well I've never been a very good mentor, at least not in any formal fashion. The latest person who had the ill fortune to draw me, for instance, seems to be always too busy to meet with me for a cup of tea. (Hmmmm, perhaps he took my disclaimer seriously when I warned him about myself?!) So I told him last month that I would post my career-enhancing words of wisdom via Twitter as text-messages. Thus far, the eMentor has tweeted more than a dozen mini-thoughts. Some are recycled old offerings from the ^zhurnal; others are new bumper-stickes:

(cf Ementor Emantras 2) - ^z - 2011-05-02