Epistemic Virtuosity

A small flock of words associated with good thinking and the pursuit of truth:

objective benevolent creative skeptical mindful
curious tolerant discreet sensitive independent
honest humble imaginative clear critical
perceptive rigorous insightful attentive coherent
aware discerning prudent tenacious empathetic

... inspired by bits of "Epistemic Virtue", itself a fragment-in-search-of ... structure? What is the nature of valid thought, anyway? Is it to be found in lists of synonyms, or in syllogisms, or similes, or ... perhaps poems and pictures?

Some short terms that may say more than the polysyllabic ones:

open soft meta wise kind

(cf Think Again (2002-08-29), Picky about Facts (2003-03-11), Problems of Knowledge (2010-07-29), Thinker's Guide to Scientific Thinking (2010-09-01), Concept Arbitraging (2012-12-15), ...) - ^z - 2018-06-05