Expectations vs. Possibilities

In Chapter 5 of Phillip Moffitt's Emotional Chaos to Clarity, titled "Letting Go of Expectations", the author distinguishes expectations (which he says "assume a certain result and are future oriented") from possibilities:

In contrast to expectations, possibilities are based in the present moment, where you're alive to the mystery of life. Being open to exploring possibilities stimulates the mind, makes life interesting, and provides you with the energy and motivation to live as fully as you can in the present moment, in light of your intentions. You don't assume that the future you desire will come to pass, because the future is unknown. Being open to possibilities also acknowledges that what you think you want may change with time, or that there may be a different future you haven't thought of that will bring you more happiness, or that the future may turn bleak, or that you may die before the future can unfold. Real joy is found in what is available to you right now.

Living a life that is open to possibilities is like a request, rather than a demand. Your well-being is not contingent on the future. You therefore have greater access to imagination and intuition. Your mind is clear and less reactive, and you make better decisions. You respond rather than react to life as it unfolds.

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