Feel Good about What You Are Doing

Personal productivity guru David Allen advice:

... Keep lists, folks. The key lists are Projects, Calendar, Next Actions, and Waiting For. Look at them as often as you need to. Not so that you have to do everything. On the contrary, so you don't have to do everything. You can only do one thing at a time. You can either feel good about what you're doing, or awful about all the things you're not doing. Your choice. ...

(from "Feeling Good About What You're Not Doing", in the Huffington Post, 2008; cf. Earning Red Checks (2011-11-28), Mind Like Water (2011-12-24), Getting Things Done - Summarized (2012-05-14), David Allen Summarized (2014-04-29), Mantra - Mind Like Water (2015-05-04), ...) - ^z - 2016-05-25