Last year I been joggin by a basketball court, an a kid playin there call me Forrest Gump. Early this month at work somebody said I minded her of Forrest Gump. Maybe it were my long beard, or my talkin all the time bout runnin a long ways, or somethin else that brung it into her head.

Anyhow, that don't matter. Last week instead of sittin there waitin for my pizza an gyro an fries to get ready, I went to walk to the Post Office. It were maybe half a mile or so. On the way I been goin by a used book store that a fambly friend has there in Kensington. On the cheap cart in front of her store I seen a book called Forrest Gump by a feller name of Winston Groom. He wrote it in 1986. There were a movie made of it too. I went inside an axed Elie what it cost, and she said 50 cents, an I had 50 cents, so I bought it.

I am a idiot, you know what I mean? But hey, lots of fellers are idiots, in they own ways. Anyways, they act like they is idiots a whole lot of the time. So I start to read Forrest Gump an I find the book is tole by a idiot like me! He have a bunch of problems, but he always try to do the right thing, as best he can figger it out. That sound good to me.

The book get real silly in places — like when that idiot been playin chess an thinkin up answers to physics problems an flyin around in a rocket an so on. He don't do no runnin neither, cept for a short ways when he been playin football or tryin to scape from bad fellers. Maybe they is more runnin in the movie, but I have not been to see it yet.

The story of Forrest Gump as it been writ down is fun. It minds me of another book I seen long time ago, name Catch-22. But Forrest Gump got a lot more heart and good kind human spirit in it than any of those people in Catch-22 had. But maybe I disremember that book, I dunno. Forrest Gump do say a bunch of bad words. If that idiot love his Mama like he say he do, he shouldn't be usin them words, not in his story the way he wrote it down. And he do some naughty things too, that I ain't gonna tell about here neither.

While I were readin Forrest Gump a friend tole me that it had a sad endin. Well, I don't like endins like that, specially not on happy books, so I become worried when I were readin that it would be sad. Writers that make somethin bad happen to end they books sudden is not good writers, to my way of thinkin.

Well, I can say that Forrest Gump, he comes out just fine. Thank goodness! He can look back on his life and say he had a good life. An that is a good endin, whether or not you is a idiot like him and me.

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