Full Realization

In the latest Phi Beta Kappa newsletter, Secretary of the society John Churchill writes movingly about the purpose of education. He concludes:

It is time to reassert plain facts. College is not only about training for jobs. It is about citizenship. It is about shaping oneself in a community into a fully-realized adult person. It is about learning to cope constructively with questions of meaning and value. In a democracy, we need to take as many of us as possible, as far as possible, down that path.

("From the Secretary", Spring 2013 issue of The Key Reporter; cf. EducationOfTheYouth (2001-12-01), PursuitOfExcellence (2002-02-22), LiberalArts (2003-03-13), SkillsOfDeliberation (2006-03-23), ...) - ^z - 2013-05-04