A big part of the economy can be summarized by the mantra Gather/Scatter. Fish are found in countless locations around the seas; ores are dispersed in the earth's crust; crops grow in huge fields; animals graze or hunt widely. Each must be located, collected, processed, concentrated --- gathered --- and then distributed to those who need them --- scattered. Hence, the rail lines converging on big cities, and even more visibly the trucks lined up at the unloading docks behind a supermarket while the customers' cars are lined up in front.

Likewise in life, as ideas coalesce in an individual's mind, interact, and then fan out to be shared with other minds.

Hmmm ... in a way it resembles an implosion-design nuclear bomb, with fissionable materials compressed to supercritical densities so they can react and release energy in the resultant detonation ...

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