The expert-advice-counter at the back of the local Apple Store is called the "Genius Bar". Its decor features pictures of famously brilliant savants. The place is a well-meaning attempt to provide free, fast tips to those who come in confounded by Macintosh-related problems.

But alas, the quality of help there varies. And to put it bluntly, none of it comes close to the real "genius" level. (Sorry, but I've met Richard Feynman and a few others who are often put in that category --- and I haven't seen their ilk in a retail outlet.)

A less-pretentious and objectively better name? I recommend "Genius Barn". The setting could include hay strewn on the floor and unfinished wood rafters. The staff could wear overalls and wield pitchforks. The folksy atmosphere might calm irate customers and help lower their expectations.

And --- given the amount of bovine and equine excrement which tends to be produced and dispensed at any help-desk facility --- "Genius Barn" might be appropriate for another reason! (^_^)

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