When I get out early for a run in the park, the rest of my day is suffused with a faint but perceptible glow ... a small sense of success ... a feeling of achievement. I'm just a wee bit happier --- no matter what frustrations may arise at work, what mischief the kids may get into, what traffic jams may block my path, or what bills may arrive in the mail. "Today is already a good day," I can say to myself.

I feel the same sort of simpleminded cheerful confidence when I arise early enough to read a few pages of a good book, or write a few lines of poor poetry, or fix a few scraps of breakfast for the family, or do a dozen other tiny things that I can take pride in.

Wonder why I don't try to do something like that every morning?

TopicLife - TopicPersonalHistory - 2002-06-25

I feel happy when I studied about Internet this morning. -- Kim Le

I feel stronger because I read " Optimist Creed " Thanks -- viviane vanderhaeghe

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