Healed Humerus

http://zhurnaly.com/images/healed_humerus_vertical.jpgEleven weeks after I broke my arm—a stumble during a trek on the Appalachian Trail—the orthopedist says I'm good to go again. He gave me permission last month to resume running, with the caveat "Don't fall down!" Now he says I can do just about anything I could do before, except perhaps one-armed feats of strength. I still have twinges when I move my left shoulder too far in certain directions, but I'm not complaining—it could have been far worse.http://zhurnaly.com/images/healed_humerus_horizontal.jpg

(cf. Humerus Fracture) (2008-10-15), Bend Sinister (2008-10-24), Ugly Arm (2008-10-30), Impatient Patient (2008-11-10), ...) - ^z - 2009-01-16