What's the motto of France's navy? It's derived from the stirring call that summons those seamen to their ships:

To the water! It is time!

In French:

A l'eau! C'est l'heure!

(Say it aloud, and consult the title of this item as necessary; sincere apologies for my low multilingual punishment. This joke has been bouncing around inside my neural network for decades now; something very like it appeared in a "rec.humor.funny" posting by Gavin Burnage long ago, and I suspect that was the source of the meme infection. No insult intended to the glorious nation of France, her people, or her armed forces. See also CharlesLambiana, (24 Oct 2000), MetaJoke (18 Oct 2001), CorrespondencePrinciple (4 Mar 2003), ...)

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