A new feature of the MINI Cooper (automobile) is a docking port in the glove compartment for an Apple iPod (pocket music device). Not yet widely known, however, is the fact that the interface has been designed to be fully symmetric. The iPod can be controlled by buttons mounted on the car's steering wheel ... and the car can likewise be controlled by the iPod.

Acceleration, steering, brakes, etc. --- all are taken over by the iPod's front panel. In addition, the iPod display shows a continuously-updated low-res image representation of the road ahead, generated by acoustic reflection (sonar). The car can thus be driven entirely without reference to the outside world, even in conditions of total darkness or extreme fog.

Apple's iTunes online music store will soon offer "AI" downloads of expert race-car drivers, so for $0.99 a MINI Cooper iPod owner can go motoring in the style of Juan-Manuel Fangio, Sir Stirling Moss, Bill Elliott, et al. An optional wireless interface will permit sharing drivers as well as music with similarly-equipped MINI Coopers in the vicinity.


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TopicHumor - 2004-07-06

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