LOOPY - Foxes, Rabbits, and Grass


Grass grows. Rabbits eat grass and make more rabbits. Foxes thrive by eating rabbits. And, after a while, rabbits and foxes get old and die. A super-simple Systems Thinking model exhibits fascinating behavior! Populations rise and fall, lagging each other in their cycles, gradually increasing over time. This Foxes-Rabbits-Grass simulation is included in LOOPY under the "Models" menu. Play with it, change the weights on the arrows or the starting values of the nodes, and see what happens!

(LOOPY2 is an ultralight tool for thinking in systems ©2021 MITRE Corporation; cf LOOPY - Learn, Work, Save (2021-06-19), LOOPY - Throw a Ball (2021-08-17), LOOPY - Revolution vs Stability (2021-08-19), LOOPY - Decay Rates (2021-08-21), ...) - ^z - 2021-08-23