LOOPY - Learn, Work, Save

Causal Loop Diagram of long-term Social Justice issues - note the Wealth-Education-Jobs positive feedback flowCausal flow cartoons add insight and aid systems thinking. For "Social Justice" one powerful positive cycle on long timescales promotes progress: a Good Education helps get a Good Job which helps build Family Wealth to enable the next generation to get a Good Education which ...

Other happy outcomes can follow, like good health, a good location to live, and good respect from others. Sadly, however, positive feedback sometimes works the opposite way and leads to long-term social decline. Key is to recognize, understand, and invest early at leverage points!

(cf Fifth Disciplinarians (2000-09-10), Feedback Loops and Delay Lines (2010-11-10), Thinking in Systems (2017-11-03), Systems Thinking Icebergs (2019-06-27), Stocks and Flows and Causal Loops (2020-02-14), ...) - ^z - 2021-06-19