Last Last We Go Dey Alright

The New York Times special section "This is 18*" arrives and falls open to the girls-around-the-world slang page to reveal:

"Last Last We
Go Dey Alright

... explained as an "optimistic saying immortalized by the Nigerian rapper Kida Kudz. It means, 'At the end of the day, we will be all right'" according to an 18-year-old young lady named Victory. See also the Kida Kudz video and the essay by Onyl Ukorah "We Go Dey Alright Last Last!" about profound hopefulness — so good!

(cf Underappreciated Ideas (1999-07-06), This Is Equanimity (2015-03-15) Mantra - It Will Be OK (2016-04-30), Mantra - Uncertainty, Kindness, Peace, Hope (2017-06-29), ...) - ^z - 2018-10-18