Last Starfighter

The 1984 sf movie The Last Starfighter was rather ahead of its time in a variety of elements. Some of the banter between characters has evolved into household words — in my household, anyway — such as the exchange between the protagonist, young earthling Alex, and his cheerful alien assistant Grig who tells Alex that a sneak attack has killed a large number of their compatriots:

     Alex: You mean they're dead?
     Grig: Death is a primitive concept; I prefer to think of them as battling evil, in another dimension.
     Alex: In another dimension? How many are left?
     Grig: Including yourself?
     Alex: Yeah.
     Grig: One!

It's that "Including yourself?" question-in-response-to-the-question that gives the answer such charm ...

^z - 2013-11-22