Son Robin Zimmermann (aka RadRob) asked me whether I had yet written a ^zhurnal entry on the distinction between perspicacity and perspicuity --- two words which I find entertainingly confusing. (In fact, to this day I can't remember the details of the difference; maybe one term has something to do with clarity, and the other with sharpness? But if so, which is which, and how can one possibly remember?)

In riposte to his question, I suggested to Robin that he create a ZhurnalWiki page on the theme of procrastination (a dig at his tendency, inherited doubtless from me, to put things off).

"Sure!" he replied. "I'll do that tomorrow!"

TopicWriting - TopicHumor - TopicPersonalHistory - 2002-10-14

P.S. Perspicacity means ability to perceive the non-obvious, perspicuity means ability to convey information to others elegantly. (I remember this only because of the fact that David Brin used the word 'perspicacious' in a novel)- RadRob

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