From page 15 of Letters to Andrew Carnegie, a collection of short "reports" addressed to the wealthy philanthropist on the centennial of his death in 1919, Mary Frances Cooper, President and Director of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, writes:

... I want to make particular mention of the Library staff. They are as wonderful a group of people as you could ever know, and I would posit that they have always been so throughout the decades of our existence. People who work at the public library have passion — for learning, literacy, literature, and for other people. Early on in the history of the library, an effort was made to hire people who were learned, scholarly, and erudite; who were well versed in history, the arts, literature, and the sciences. Today we still hire for education but we look more for kindness, curiosity, and compassion. We want people who can be interested in whatever someone else is interested in, and who will pursue that interest with a passion until the customer is satisfied. ...

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