Lost in Translation

When I stumbled across it this morning I had to smile at the following paragraph, one of the most literal translations I've seen. (Was it done by machine?) It's from a page titled "Sports bras - plus size swimwear and bra for womens and mens":

Tight fitting bra, like tights, consequently dries easily and does not impregnated your body to be sweat. So do not give your body overheat. In early use, you can feel the density of bra, but this is only the beginning, then you quickly get used to this and did not want him to withdraw. Sport bra works very well with the rhythm of the heart that allows you to monitor the strap, thus will give you excellent feel on a hot day or the sweaty workout. Also, thanks to the material, which may or stretch bra, it will always fit closely and conform to your figure, regardless of the duration of use, of your actions and especially of your clothes. In general all this can be argued that Sport bra is long-term and ideal approach for long and dense training.

... which somehow reminds me of the instruction-manual excerpt mentioned by Robert Pirsig's philosophy-novel Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: "Assembly of Japanese bicycle require great peace of mind".

(original at [1]; cf. MotorcycleMaintenance (2003-06-06), BrainyJogbra (2004-05-07), ...) - ^z - 2009-08-15