Songs mystify me. There's something in the combination of words and music that cuts through logic and moves mind ... a most puzzling experience for an ultra-rationalist such as Yours Truly. In isolation, the poetry seems banal, as do the tunes. Put them together and magic happens. Take a few lines from one of my recent faves, Breathless (by R. J. Lange & Andrea Corr):

  And if there's no tomorrow
    And all we have is here and now
  I'm happy just to have you
    You're all the love I need somehow

It lies dead on the page, means next to nothing, until you hear it sung. The same holds true for so many other songs ... from classic ... through classic rock ... to today's latest ditty.

What's the source of this powerful phenomenon? Chronic wiring weaknesses in human neural networks?

TopicPoetry - 2002-03-29

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